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Window Valances Will Only Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

Window valances, as compared to a full-length curtains, are a shorter length of draperies which hang atop the windows to either conceal the curtains rods or to simply provide that finished look to your window treatment.

Window valances can range from the simple to extremely fancy and customised. Much like any other window covering, they are also available in a massive variety of colours, styles and textures.

There are numerous types of valances available in the market. Stepped or sculpted, rolled or gathered, valances can also be arched or even box-pleated.

Valances are a trendier window covering that set you and your windows apart from the conventional ones covered by blinds or curtains. Whatever the style, rest assured, a window valance will only enhance the appearance of your home.

Window Valances


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Why Window Valances?

Let’s talk a little about window valances, how they are beneficial.



Window valances are extremely versatile. They can be used as stand-alone or in tandem with other window dressings, such as shutters, blinds or even draperies.


Aesthetic Appeal

Window valances have the ability to transform the simplest of rooms into the most stylish one. They add that unique touch which often evades common curtains or drapes.


Energy Conservation

Window valances are also pretty great at conserving energy consumed. By significantly cutting down on the harmful rays of the sun penetrating into your room, it keeps your living space nice and fresh.


Window valances, as compared to other window treatments, such as blinds or draperies, are considerably cheaper. The material used for valances is, more often than not, half or even quarter of that used for drapes or shades, so it’s only natural that they cost less. Though the affordability of the valances does nothing to take away the beauty and design of the valance themselves.



By covering only the top portion of the window, window valances can provide the shade from harsh sunlight you want without affecting the natural light filtering through the window.

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