A simple way to increase privacy, security or perhaps simply just to change up the look to your glass windows or doors, for your home or office.

We carry only high quality yet affordable solar, frosted, tinted window films. Comes with various shades and colours to suit your window tinting, decorative or privacy requirements.

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Perfect Window Films For Glass Windows Or Doors

Window films are basically thin layers of laminae that are installed on the inner side of windows, glass doors, etc.

Does your house or workplace have a lot of glass windows or doors which you’re looking to replace or find a way to cover to increase privacy, security or perhaps simply just to change up the look? If so, you might want to consider window films.

Window Films Singapore

To ward off the possible headache that window films could be, we’ve greatly simplified the window films choosing process into four (4) easy steps:


Step 1 – The Purpose of Window Films


Step 3 – The Styles / Designs of Window Films


Step 2 – The Functionality of Window Films


Step 4 – Care & Maintenance of Window Films



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Step 1 – The Purpose of Window Films

The first and foremost step to perfect window films shopping, is to define the purpose of said window films.

Window Film for Home

Window Film for Home

Thinking of improving the comfort of your home with privacy, decorative, solar, frosted or tinted window film?

  • Reduce the glare that comes into the house, keeps your home cooler and thus reducing the electricity usage;
  • Reduce fading of window curtains, carpet and furniture;
  • Block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays that can pass through glass;
  • Increase the privacy of your home, especially for those corridor facing windows;
  • and more …
Window Film For Office

Window Film for Office

Thinking of improving the comfort of your workplace with solar control, tinted window film without sacrificing the style?

  • Provide sunlight control, keep your office cooler and thus reducing the energy costs;
  • Provide additional privacy and security with window tinting films for both daytime and nighttime privacy;
  • Offer corporate branding on any glass panels, glass windows and doors in your office;
  • Reduce fading of carpet and office furniture;
  • and more …

Step 2 – The Functionality of Window Films

Once you’ve finalised the purpose of the window films you’d like to apply, you can move onto the most important step of deciding the features and functionality of the window films.

Window films are extremely beneficial and serve purposes such as thermal insulation, UV filtration, glare reduction, maintain a sense of privacy and hence improve safety and security as well. They also serve as a great decorative addition to your house or workplace.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film

Protect your privacy with our frosted, tinted or reflective privacy window film.

  • Enhance privacy by making the glass darker (reduce the transmission of visible light).
  • Enhance privacy by making the glass more like a mirror (increase the surface reflectivity).

We offer a wide range of privacy window films for both home and office. It is ideal for bathrooms, glass doors, and corridor / street facing windows.

Decorative Window Films

Decorative Window Film

Brighten up your day with the visually-captivating decorative window film.

  • A fun way to decorate your windows.
  • A modern alternative or enhancement to your window curtains or blinds.

We offer a wide range of decorative window films, which is easy to cut to size and shape to fit into your style and any home decor.

Solar Window Film

Solar Window Film

Solar window films basically work by reflecting solar light and heat so as to improve the solar performance of window glass.

They contain UV absorbers to increase the life of the film and to protect the furniture from UV rays.

We offer a wide range of solar window films for both home and office.

You will feel much cooler after installing the solar window films. It is ideal for west-facing windows, multi-storey buildings with all glass walls.

Step 3 – The Styles / Designs of Window Films

Once you’ve made your decisions regarding the purpose and functionality of the window films, now is the time to move onto the films designs.

We offer a wide variety of window films ranging from Frosted Window Films and Tinted Window Films as well as a host of possible designs and patterns to choose from.

Frosted Window Films

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window films, today, are mostly used as a modern alternative to net curtaining in windows and doors and mainly serve the purpose of increasing the privacy of the enclosed place.

The ‘frost’ can be of many types and is easy to apply, durable and long lasting.

Tinted Window Film

Tinted Window Film

Tinted window films, moreover, other than serving the same purpose as frosted window films, also serve as decorative additions to add colour to the windows and doors.

Like the others, these also serve the purpose of reducing the heat within the enclosure (house, office, etc.) and thus reducing electricity bills. They protect the furniture and flooring inside from getting affected by the UV rays and thus cutting down on another expense.

Step 4 – Care & Maintenance of Window Films

The maintenance and care of window films is fairly simple although there are a few things that need to be taken care of.


Cleaning of the solar films can be done using any standard household window cleaner.

It is believed that ammonia-based glass cleaners can actually deteriorate the colours and adhesion of window films and it is therefore safer to avoid any such cleaners.


When it comes to the application of the window film, there may appear some haziness or very tiny water bubbles. This may persist until the film has completely dried out.


The maintenance is generally very easy to figure out, although thinner films may need special attention, especially if there are any pets in the house that may scratch it.


Right after installation, the window film takes time to ‘bond’ with the glass, whereby it is advised to leave it uncleaned for at least a month after which you may proceed to clean it with non-ammonia-based cleaners.


The film membrane is microporous, it contains microscopic holes which allow the film to ‘breathe’ and dry out fully. The speed of the drying process varies according to how thick the particular window film is.

Our team is well-equipped and has undergone thorough training so as to bring you the best product which will suit your need and taste and will cater to your concern perfectly, be it protection from the sun’s UV rays and heat or merely beautification of the place where you wish to have the window films installed.

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