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Contemporary Range Of Venetian Blinds For Your Home Or Office

Venetian blinds, one of the most popular window treatments for modernistic homes or offices with contemporary décor.

Sleek with a touch of elegance, the venetian blinds are horizontal slats held together by strings that regulate the movements of all the slats in a singular motion. Offering both lifting and tilting functions, controlled by a wand of the venetian blinds, which can be rotated to face either inwards or outwards to varying degrees.

Venetian Blinds



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Types of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are available in a massive variety of materials and styles.

These blinds are generally made from materials such as metals, plastics, woods, or other synthetic materials. They range from the inexpensive and affordable aluminium to the mid-range PVC or faux wood to the expensive timber, offering homeowners a huge selection to choose from – each with its advantages.

From style and design perspective, venetian blinds differ significantly according to the size, width and type of slat or blade of the blinds. The slats can be perforated or hammer finished, printed or even mixed coloured.

The slats or blades come in various widths, ranging from 15mm to 20, 30mm all the way to 65mm slat widths.

  • The narrow range of slat widths are relatively common and even considered standard;
  • The wider slat widths, that is from 50mm or higher, are usually better suited to larger window sizes or doors.

Why Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular ones; most commonly seen in fashionably designed windows today. They offer so much more than just an aesthetic compliment to a smooth interior finish. Some of the major benefits of opting for venetian blinds are outlined below:

Light Control

The greatest advantage that venetian blinds offer you is the precise control over light and privacy. The ability to maneuver the blinds, tilting and lifting them with the use of the attached wand, allows you to regulate the amount of light that enters your room. The blades or slats of the blinds can be angled from completely open to completely closed and anywhere in between. Moreover, the blinds can also be drawn upwards with the help of the wand entirely to allow the maximum amount of light.

Aesthetic Versatility

While there is extra emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of venetian blinds in a contemporary, modernistic home or office, the good thing about these particular blinds is that they look good even in a more traditional setting.

The variety of designs, materials, as well as slat sizes and width, offers unparalleled aesthetic versatility to homeowners everywhere. The added advantage of these variations is the affordability factor. Catering to consumers of all classes, venetian blinds are available in materials and designs that range from downright inexpensive to exorbitantly luxurious.


Venetian blinds are often made from either manmade materials such as plastics, faux wood, PVC, or high quality timber wood and metals. Not only are these materials rust free, but they are also quite robust and significantly resistant to wear and tear making venetian blinds extremely durable.

Ease of Installation and Ease of Use

A major asset of owning venetian blinds is the ease of installation and ease of use. Cord-controlled and wand-operated venetian blinds are incredibly simple to maneuver and use.

While these blinds are simple enough that they can be fitted easily by any DIY-er. Should you choose to put the venetian blinds up yourself, all you will need are the set of instructions that come along with the blinds at the time of purchase and some basic tools. However, it’s always better to go the professional route, give us a call, let us do the installation for you.

Venetian Blinds Care and Maintenance

Not only are venetian blinds easy to install and convenient to use, but they are also very low maintenance. Some common tips and tricks for venetian blinds maintenance include:


Keeping blinds made of aluminium or synthetic materials, clean and dust free is as easy as lightly dusting with a soft brush or cloth on a weekly basis. Timer or other wooden venetian blinds, however, require a little more care.


The use of water for care and cleaning of wooden blinds is strictly not recommended. You may consider to use a wool duster and re-oil to wipe the wooden venetian blinds periodically to maintain their appearance.


For small spots and stains, paper towels are considered best, though you may need to invest in a good, commercially available wood cleaner for larger stains.


The use of water for care and cleaning of wooden blinds is strictly not recommended. You may consider to use a wool duster and re-oil to wipe the wooden venetian blinds periodically to maintain their appearance.

Custom Vs Ready Made Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are readily available in the market in pre-made styles and designs for standard window sizes, all set for immediate installation. They are available in many colours and materials. What’s more, the ready-made blinds are also extremely affordable and budget friendly.

However, the off-the-shelf venetian blinds may not be suitable for homeowners with unique window sizes and designs. A professionally done, custom job ensures that the blinds you invest in are the perfect fit for your windows and are one hundred percent made to your liking and specifications.

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