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Tinted Window Film Offers Sun Protection & Privacy Without Sacrificing Style

Tinted window films are basically coloured tint window films applied to the window or mirror. They usually do not feature many patterns or designs and are fairly simple.

They usually serve the purpose of creating and maintaining the privacy & security, to prevent visibility from a distance or with ease. And are mostly found in vehicles and offices.

Tinted Window Film



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Why Tinted Window Film?


Tinted window films reduce heat and glare, which can cut the cooling costs by a massive of 50% and thus improve the efficiency of energy saving techniques.


Some tinted window films feature the heat-reduction and solar maintenance and thus block UVA and UVB rays as well.


They are cost-effective and long-lasting until and unless put through excessive strain and wear and tear.


They reduce the glare from the sun and make it easier to watch television or work on the computers, tablets, smartphones, without the need to add any coloured filters as they are usually clear.


Tinted window films are an affordable fix which will go a long way if installed properly and maintained using the advised techniques.

Tinted Window Film Care and Maintenance

Their care and maintenance revolve around protection against scratching and peeling as they are usually very thin laminates.

  • If they are touched or moved within the first 48 hours, they may lose their grip.
  • They will contain air pockets and water pockets for the first 48 hours which is the drying period. Any cloudiness within this time is normal and should be left alone to subside anywhere from two days to a month’s time.
  • Soft paper towels should be used to clean, with any citric or vinegar-based cleaners to avoid spoilage caused by ammonia-based cleaners.

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