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String Curtains – The Unconventional Alternative

String curtains are a modern twist to conventional window dressing. Almost as an alternative to sheer ones, string curtains add an original element to your interior décor, giving it an entirely new dynamic. So what are string curtains, exactly?

As suggested by the name itself, string curtains are a set of strings joined together to form a window covering. Look at it this way, they are essentially beaded curtains, but without the beads.

String curtains suit both contemporary and traditional applications with equal elegance. They can easily handle heavily trafficked areas in homes and commercial settings.

String Curtains


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Why String Curtains?

String curtains are perhaps the most attractive way of adding character and oomph to a home. Apart from the usual usages such as window decorations, string curtains can be used in different ways to create a personalised ambiance.


You can use string curtains as a separator of two different rooms without installing a door, or you can simply divide one single room into different sections.


With similar functionality to that of a sheer curtain, string curtains also maximise the use of natural light by gently filtering out the harmful rays, all the while providing the daytime privacy you desire.


String curtains can be used to accentuate an existing window treatment, or they can complement the other elements in the room as a standalone.


The weightlessness of string curtains is an added benefit in places where there is a long drop. They are also highly durable, versatile and easy to maintain and care for.

String Curtains Selection Guide

String curtains are available in a massive range of textures, colours, and styles and have multiple aesthetic appeals.

They can be made from a variety of materials, from the most common to the most unconventional. Polyester, cotton, silk are some of the most popularly used materials, though wool and in rare cases leather have also been used.

In lighter colours, string curtains can soften the rigid architectural lines. In bright, bold or shimmering colours, they can add the eclectic touch of vibrancy a room needs.

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