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When getting solar window films installed in their homes or workplaces, most people are driven by their concerns regarding sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, which are harmful for household objects and human. This is one of the main purposes that window films serve, today.

As global warming and global temperature fluctuation is taking place, the rays of the sun are more harmful than beneficial and cause damage to our skin, as well as damaging the interior of our house such as wooden flooring and objects or materials susceptible to fading or discolouration.

The heat radiating in these ray is, both, unpleasant and harmful. Solar window films, thus, serve to trap the heat from these rays and to refract so as to regulate the temperature and to filter the ultraviolet rays from passing through and damaging things.

Solar Window Film

We offer many varieties of Solar window films, ranging from reflective ones, which reflect light and thus serve as one-way looking glasses filters, to many other kinds.



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How Solar Window Film Function?

Solar energy takes the forms of three main subcategories; UV light, visible light, and Infrared and is converted into heat energy when it comes into contact with any object.

Solar window films reduce the rays that enter a particular room by filtering the bad forms of solar energy out and allowing the good and needed kinds to pass through.

Regular window tinting films reflect the solar energy away from the windows or block the solar energy altogether. They block out visible light, UV light, and Infrared equally, they do not have the mechanism needed to filter the needed and wanted visible light from the unwanted UV light and Infrared. This means a standard window tinting film will also block most of the visible light as well and make the room appear and feel darker.

Basic window films are installed in office buildings because they effectively deliver high heat reduction at reasonable costs, and make up for the lost natural lighting by using artificial lighting within the building.

Within the house, things are different as most people do not want their homes to be seen and feel dark with or without the presence of artificial lighting. Rather than blocking the infrared, UV, and visible light equally, solar window films are designed especially to block as much UV light and Infrared as possible while only blocking out part of the visible light so as to reduce the discomfort aspect of it.

Solar Window Film Care and Maintenance

Solar window films tend to be pricier than the decorative kind, however, if installed properly, proper time given to each process (from the application to the drying), regular cleaning and maintenance, they are worth the amount of time and money invested in them.

Solar films tend to vary in thickness and must be cared for accordingly. The thinner variety must be protected from wear and tear more conscientiously than the alternative and must be protected from scratches, which will deter the purpose they serve. They can be cleaned like any other window film, however, it must be made sure that the air pockets aren’t stretched out so as to dilute the purpose and efficiency.

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