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Sophisticated And stylish, Sheer Blinds Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Home

Sheer blinds comprise of adjustable fabric-covered slats or vanes that are enclosed between two layers of translucent sheer fabric. The slats or vanes appear seamlessly integrated into the enclosing material, creating the illusion of a single blind.

Similar to a normal window blind, the fabric slats or vanes can be adjusted to any angle, to provide maximum levels of light control. When the fabric slats or vanes are tilted wider, it offers an unobstructed view. When closed, it will gently diffuse the light entering into your room.

They are a dream for the contemporary interiors lover – a unique style of window dressing that will dress your window with a bright glow while providing moderate privacy.

Sheer Blinds
Types of Sheer Blinds

Sheer blinds are available in a wide array of colours, textures, materials and even styles. The most common styles of sheer blinds include:

  • Sheer Fabric Horizontal Blinds – these are horizontal blinds made using the same double layer mechanism of usual sheer blinds. Horizontally placed vanes are encased in sheer fabric layers that allow gentle light filtering while maintaining your privacy.


  • Sheer Fabric Vertical Blinds – these are vertical blinds made using the same double layer mechanism of usual sheer blinds. Vertically placed vanes are encased in sheer fabric layers that allow gentle light filtering while maintaining your privacy.


  • Sheer or Translucent Roller / Roman Blinds – these are made with translucent or semi-opaque materials that are used to provide a light and clean ambiance. Simple to use and beautifully finished, these blinds give your living space the maximum lighting with and airy sophistication you desire.



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Why Sheer Blinds?

Sophisticated and stylish, sheer blinds add a touch of elegance to your home.

Without compromising on the delicate aesthetic of the blinds themselves, the unique fabric of the sheer blinds eliminates the awful sun glare, diffuses light creating a beautifully filtered effect and reflects the harmful UV rays.

The sheer look of the material gives the illusion of almost no window covering at all, but at the same time provides the light and privacy control you need. The shades or the floating vanes of the blinds, when open, reveal a much-diffused view of the indoors; when closed, they offer complete privacy.

Furthermore, sheer blinds have a unique head rail design that allows the blades to fit comfortably inside it when raised; almost like a self-valance. This creates a cleaner, far sleeker look than you would expect.

All said and done, these shades strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal and are a complete crowd pleaser.

Sheer Blinds Care and Maintenance

While the soft and translucent look of sheer blinds gives the illusion of their fragility, they are in fact quite sturdy and durable. Made with fire retardant and synthetic fabric, these shades can last a very long time.


These blinds require the bare minimum of maintenance. Regular dusting using a light feather duster are all these blinds need to remain in tip-top condition.


In case your sheer blinds require deep cleaning, you can easily dismantle, remove and wash the blinds when you do your own laundry. A delicate wash cycle is all they will need.


For spot cleaning, a mild detergent mixed with a warm water, applied with a soft cloth work best. Harsh chemical based cleaning agents do more harm to your blinds than good, so be sure to steer clear of them.


Do not tumble dry the blinds. A much safer option would be to rehang the blinds and let them air dry.

Custom Vs Ready Made Sheer Blinds

The construction, assembly, and installation of sheer blinds complements the sophistication of the visual they present.

Given the double layer encased organization of the slats of these blinds, installing them on your own is a tough task. What’s more, the sheer blinds require exact measurement matching to be able to fit flawlessly in your window to avoid light leakage, vane overlapping or light blockage. As such, for sheer blinds, it’s always advised that you pick a custom job over a DIY project.

Professionally done, a custom job will guarantee a proper installation that a ready-made one never will. And with sheer blinds, the installation and ease of use are what make or break the overall outlook of your window treatment.

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