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Add Allure And Sophistication To Your Home With Our Stunning Range Of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds or Roman Shades are easy to use and aesthetically stunning. They are the perfect amalgamations of age old elegance and modern day decorating styles.

They are made of soft and often luxurious fabrics such as velvets, silks or linens, and are opened in a downward drop, with a flawless fabric surface.

Eyelets or Rods are placed within the fabric, horizontally, which allow for a smooth stacking when pulled up. Often, they are operated via cords that usually run in the vertical direction.

Roman Blinds



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Roman blinds can be made in wide variety of styles, materials, textures, and colours. All the various styles of Roman blinds are differentiated by the bottom border of the blinds itself.

Some of the style options include but are not limited to the following:



The pleated border roman blinds are made of the usual fabric, in a rectangle shape. With a contrasting lower edge border, it can features any number of horizontal pleats.


Bead Trimmed

The bead trimmed roman blind, on the other hand, features a stunningly decorative bead droplet trim that is attached to the bottom of the regular Roman blind. Available in a massive variety of colours, the bead trim adds a touch of formality to the blinds.



The serpentine Roman blind features a scalloped or serpentine shaped bottom attached to a classic style shade.

Why Roman Blinds?

Following are some of the reasons why roman blinds a public favourite. They include but not limited to:

Allure and Elegance

Roman blinds have an old world charm that perfectly achieves that softer, more traditional look. Especially well-suited to bedrooms or living rooms, roman blinds bring a cosier feel and add that much-needed touch of allure and sophistication to your home.

Ease of Operation

Roman blinds are especially popular because of their ease of use and operation. Available in motorised or non-motorised i.e. cord-controlled versions, these blinds can easily be pulled open and closed. As a bonus, these blinds are particularly easy to install too.


Often made with the most exquisite of materials, the Roman shades are expected to be exceptionally durable. From the eyelet to the fabric and the cord, each particular piece of these blinds is built to last a very long time.


As the materials used for roman blinds are of high quality and thicker than the ones used for the usual blinds, they offer more privacy to the homeowners – yet another factor that makes these blinds particularly suitable for bedrooms.


What makes Roman blinds so appealing to majority of homeowners, is the versatility they offer. These blinds are an eclectic mix of elegant style and practicality. They work perfectly well as stand-alone but also look equally spectacular when paired with well-matched curtains and soft interiors.

Custom Vs Ready Made Roman Blinds

With a very indulgent presence, roman blinds are neither bulky nor overwhelming which makes them the perfect addition to one’s home. Much like the other types of window blinds, roman blinds are also available pre-made that one can just pick up off the shelf and easily install themselves. They can also, of course, be custom made to your specifications. So which way do you go? Do you pick the retailing Roman shades or do you get them custom made?

There are four factors to consider when making that decision:

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Finishing

People prefer the off the shelf products for their convenience. If you’re short on time and just want to get your home furnished and ready, then ready-made is the way to go.

Same goes for quality; instantly available blinds in the market rarely use the highest quality materials. As such, they are automatically priced lower. Custom jobs not only ensure that the roman blinds that you receive at the end are made of the best materials, but they also have the perfect fitting and finishing; something that is sorely lacking in ready-made ones.

Custom made ones will, however, be significantly more expensive than the off the counter ones and will take a longer time to be made and installed. But if you have the time and finances, then the final look will be completely worth it.

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