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Rod Pocket Curtains – One Of The Simplest Curtain Heading Designs

Rod pocket curtains, also known as a cased curtain heading, is well suited to and mainly used for light weight and sheer materials such as lace, net, chiffons or organza.

Rod pocket curtain is the most basic style of curtain headings, it is not only the easiest to make and assemble, this form of curtain heading is also quite easy to manage. It is definitely a cost viable option.

To make the rod pocket curtains heading, the curtain fabric is simply folded over on itself which creates a sort of pocket at the top of the curtain. The fold is then carefully stitched in place to create a deep channel. Usually 4 cm deep, the curtain rod can easily slip through.

As the material of the curtain itself creates the space for the rod which holds the entire length of the curtain up and in place, this design is only preferred for curtains that may not be operated, moved, opened or closed frequently. It’s unadvisable to use heavy or even medium weight fabrics for this style of curtain heading for fear of tear.

When estimating the fabric for the rod pocket curtains, it’s a good idea to multiply the length of the rod at least 2 times for enough gathers. You can even add a seam across the top of the usual 4cm rod space to create a ruffled pleated look at the top of the curtain.

Rod Pocket Curtains


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