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Reverse Pleat Curtains – Modern And Stylish Design That Complements A Contemporary Interior Décor Wonderfully

Reverse Pleat CurtainsReverse pleat curtains, also known as inverted pleat curtains, are created by folding two equal lengths of the material towards each other so that they meet right in the middle of the pleat. Modern and stylish, the inverted pleat heading complements a contemporary interior décor wonderfully.

As they require quite a bit of fabric to create the inverted pleat itself, this type of heading becomes somewhat not suitable for limited spaces or narrow curtains. They are more suitable for larger windows and full flowing drapes.

Unlike the other curtain heading designs, this one does not stack backward. A direct contrast from the pencil pleated curtain headings, the reverse pleat one gives the curtains a rather masculine look or in other cases a gender-fluid feel. The sleek design of the inverted pleat gives a luxurious look to the drapes and at the same time creates the illusion of fullness.

The highlight about this type of curtain heading, however, lies not in the fullness or the gender neutral look. No, it lies in the smoothness of the curtain panels when they are closed. The panel lays flat and unruffled with clean sharp lines and soft edges for a very modernistic look. There is nothing fussy or elaborate about these curtain headings making them a minimalistic man’s dream drapes.


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