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Economical, Lightweight & Extremely Durable Plastic / PVC Blinds

PVC blinds are made from a polymer known as Polyvinyl Chloride. As all polymers fall in the plastic category, it would not be wrong to say that PVC blinds are in fact, plastic blinds.

PVC blinds have grown steadily over the past few years to become a particular client favourite. They are easy to use, operate and maintain.

Extremely practical and relatively inexpensive, the PVC blind help gives a more open look to your living space as well as contribute to maintaining maximum privacy.

PVC Blinds
Types of PVC Blinds

There are two popular choices for PVC blinds:

  • PVC venetian blinds – These are a type of venetian blinds made of PVC material, with horizontal slats or vanes in a variety of sizes. Waterproof, durable and economical, PVC venetian blinds are an excellent choice for you home.
  • PVC vertical blinds – These are a type of vertical blinds made of PVC material, with vertical slats or vanes in a variety of sizes. PVC vertical blinds are an excellent choice for the larger sized windows and door in your home or office.



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Why PVC Blinds?

Here, we highlight some of the most common advantages of PVC blinds, they include but not limited to:


Cost Effectiveness

Mass produced plastic, PVC blinds are very economical. What’s more, given their durability and longevity, these blinds prove very cost effective especially in the long run. Truly functional, PVC blinds are also energy efficient.


Fire Retardant & Water Resistant

A particular plus point of the PVC blinds is their fire retardant feature. Classified as an inflammable material, PVC not only performs better than its alternatives such as fabrics or woods; they offer that safety factor that is equal to none.

These blinds are also resistant to water, making them the perfect choice for heavy moisture or wet rooms such as the kitchen or the utility room.



PVC blinds are lightweight and extremely durable. They not only stand up to very rugged conditions, they also do not warp, twist or break easily. They can easily last up to 15 years with the right amount of care and maintenance.


Aesthetic Appeal

PVC blinds are a fantastic addition to modern homes with a minimalistic interior. These blinds are available in a huge range of colours, textures, and patterns that cater to a very vast audience. PVC blinds offer a fashionable yet sleek look to homes and offices alike.


Complete Blackout

PVC is an entirely opaque plastic. Blinds made from PVC offer complete blackout, helping you maintain your privacy without compromising on the aesthetics.

What’s more, unlike fabric blinds, PVC blinds don’t give the heavy or bulky look when opting for a blackout.


Ease of Maintenance

PVC blinds are very easy to maintain. From a cleanliness point of view, PVC requiring no more than a wipe down with a damp cloth. They do not accumulate a lot of dust either.

PVC Blinds Care and Maintenance

Steer clear of heavy detergents or harsh chemicals to clean your PVC blinds, they can be severely damaged. Should you feel the need to scrub them clean, it would be better to use a mild cleansing agent instead.

Custom Vs Ready Made PVC Blinds

PVC blinds are a very economical option for window dressing as they are readily available in the market as off the shelf products. Not only are they cheap, but the variety of the ready-made blinds makes these a very popular choice with the public.

However, the market only offers a standardised version of these blinds, with a standard size of the blinds’ vanes or slats. If you have something more particular in mind, it would be better if you choose a custom job over the ready-made one. Not only can you dictate what you want for your window treatment, but a professionally done installation will also guarantee that it’s a job done right.

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