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Privacy window films are, undeniably, one of the best ways to add a sense of privacy to the outlook and interior of a room without making the place seem stuffy, congested, dark, and musky. They serve the same purpose as a wooden door or curtains & blinds in terms of reducing the visibility through the glass.

Whether these window films are installed within an office set up, on the shower cabin in a bathroom within your house or a hotel, or on the windows of a vehicle, they serve the purpose of obscuring the vision through the glass and thus adding a sense of privacy while also being an aesthetically pleasing fixture which does not seem out of place or does not alter the look of the room.

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Types of Privacy Window Film

As the degree of privacy which we desire varies, the kinds of privacy window films available follow suit. They vary from:

  • One way privacy films: only see-through on one side with a print or pattern on the other.
  • Two way privacy films: neither of the sides are see-through.
  • Non adhesive privacy films: which do not stick on and are installed using a curtain-drawing mechanism or that similar to the one used to roll out projector sheets.
  • Adhesive privacy films: which are applied so as to stick to the glass.
  • Decorative privacy films: which feature patterns, colours, designs, etc for the purpose of adding to the visual aestheticism of the place as a whole.
  • Frosted privacy films: which partially block the view but still allow a fair amount of light to pass through so as to make vague shapes and colours visible.
  • Solar privacy films: which absorb heat and prevent the UV rays from passing through and discolouring the affected objects.
  • Clear privacy films: which cannot be seen from afar.
  • Mirror privacy films: reflective so as to prevent anyone from begin able to see through.
  • Window films for privacy at night: during the night they inhibit visibility on the other side of the glass.
  • Privacy films for bathrooms: usually frosted and made to suit contact with water, soap, steam..

Privacy Window Film Care and Maintenance

Privacy window films need to be cleaned like any other, however, in a few specific cases such as that of the one-way privacy film, there may be different kinds of cleaning liquids which must be used on both sides.

They may undergo wear and tear over time, however, they must also be protected from wear and tear caused by scratching, peeling, and any other form of damage.

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