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Pinch Pleat Curtains – A Very Traditional And Old School Style Of Curtain Headings

Pinch pleat curtains are called as such because the fabric at the top of the curtain is pinched and sewn together. Creating a look of timeless elegance, the evenly spaced pinch of the pleat at the top controls the way the material of the curtain stays and falls.

The pinch pleat curtain headings come in three different types:

  • Single pinch pleat curtain heading
  • Double pinch pleat curtain heading
  • Triple pinch pleat curtain heading

As the names suggest, the three types differ in the number of pleats at the top of the curtain. A single pinch pleat gives a clean, simple look, while the double pinch pleat is more along the contemporary lines. The three pinch pleat is perhaps the most popular amongst them all and gives a very classic and formal look.

Pinch Pleat Curtains

The more the number of pleats or fingers added, the more the fabric is used, and the fuller the curtains appear. There are also four or even five pinch pleat curtain headings but they require quite a lot of fabric and are so rare that they are only available for custom orders.

Pinch pleat curtain headings are hung by using different hooks, the most common ones being pin hooks. These hooks are pierced right through the material and sewn directly into the back of the pleats and then attached to the curtain rod.


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