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Pencil Pleat Curtains – Add Instant Luxury To Your Living Space

Pencil pleat curtains are quite the versatile choice for homeowners. Well suited to both informal and formal living spaces, pencil pleat curtain headings give a neat and clean look to your curtains or drapes.

Ideal for stationary curtain panels, a pencil pleat usually involves the tailoring of tapes which are attached on the flip side of the curtains in a back to back sequence to cinch the material together forming the pleats. These curtain headings work wonderfully with both poles and tracks, so you have the option to pick whichever you prefer.

As a standard, pencil pleat curtain headings are made using a 7.5 cm heading tape, though 5 cm, 2.5 cm, and even 12.5 cm options are available depending on the length of the drapes.

As feminine and pretty as these curtain headings look, they are slightly tricky to put up. So if you aren’t opting for a professional job and setting them up yourself, be very careful when following instructions.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

A quick rundown for hanging up pencil pleat curtains is given below:


Tie the cords before gathering the curtain. Be careful not to unravel the curtain’s heading tape or you’ll have to re-thread it.


Gather the curtain carefully by taking hold of the loose cords and pulling on then evenly for the pleats to sit straight.


Next, insert the hooks into the lower or middle row of the pockets in the heading tape for the heading to cover up the track/curtain rod and for a cleaner, polished look.


Use a measuring tape to check the width you want your curtain to be.


Tie off the curtains and carefully pin the long cords to hide them from plain view.


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