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Liven Up Your Windows And Doors With Innovative And Versatile Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are utterly innovative blinds. As the name suggests, they are primarily similar panels fitted and fixed together on track, which stack behind one another when open.

  • They are available in a huge variety of materials, colours, and textures.
  • They can be made with woven or tightly knit fabrics, vinyl, solar screens, wood or even bamboo.
  • They are operated via wand or stick. They can also be easily motorised.
  • The panels on the panel blinds can vary in length and width to your specifications.

Panel blinds are versatile and easy to use. They not only controlling light, but also maintaining your view and privacy. Perfect for large sized windows and patio doors, the panel blinds give the best of both worlds – traditional and modernistic. What’s more, these multi-purpose blinds are a perfect fit as a very fashion forward room divider.

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Types of Panel Blinds

There are two basic types of panel blinds. One is the vertical panel blinds and the other is sliding panel blinds.


Vertical panel blinds are a great alternative to the traditional vertical style blinds. These vertical panel blinds mimic the appearance of a vertical blind. They are ideal for large windows and wide spaced closets, French doors and even adjoining rooms.


The second type of panel blinds are the sliding panel track blinds. With a structured and modern appeal, the movement of the panels, on the track of the blinds, allows the blinds to move horizontally, which gives the illusion of a sliding door. The movement of the panels can be regulated to open in both or either of the directions.

Panel Blinds Care and Maintenance


The maintenance of your panel blinds relies heavily on the material used for the blinds themselves. While all the materials, fabrics, wood, solar panels and bamboo require regular cleaning and dusting, there are some, may need some extra care.


The removal of stains or dirt depends on the material of choice for the panels of the blinds. Fabric panels may be spot cleaned with mild detergent and a soft cloth; while wood and bamboo panels only require a damp cloth.


For dusting, the use of a low suction hand vacuum might be the best option, as a full sized vacuum may be too strong for the panels.


In cases where you feel that the stains may be more stubborn than what you can handle, we strongly recommend that you contact a cleaning specialist, who is experienced in removing stains, without taking the panels down at all. Man-handling the panel blinds can and does often result in fallen or broken blinds.

Custom Vs Ready Made Panel Blinds

As distinctive the design of panel blinds is, with the need for a panel track that fits the size and shape of your window or door, these blinds are rarely available as an off the shelf product.

Panel tracks need a custom construction, though relatively simple, still needs to be done by a professional to ensure that the operation of the panels and their movements are even, unhindered and smooth.

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