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Outdoor Curtains – A Great Way Of Adding A Little Dimension To Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor curtains create a stylish outdoor space for yourself and your family, right out in the open.

Curtains aren’t just limited to the indoors anymore. You can now turn your outdoor space into a better version of itself just by adding different styles of curtains.

Outdoor Curtains


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Why Outdoor Curtains?

Outdoor curtains are a great way of adding a little dimension to your outdoor space. Let’s talk a little about the advantages of having good quality outdoor curtains.


By adding curtains to your porch or in the backyard pergola, you can create a secluded enclosure, all for yourself and your family, right out in the open. You can lounge around and enjoy the beautiful weather without worrying about passerby’s peering in and invading your personal space.


Curtains will also help keep those nasty mosquitos and insects at bay. Enclosed yet airy, fancy but still comfortable, your outdoor space will be completely transformed.


Curtains keep out the harsh sunlight and the rains from ruining your outdoor furniture, and they add the necessary decorative element to really give your home a polished look.


Outdoor curtains maximise and make the best use of the existing outdoor space that not only adds beauty and aesthetic value to your home but is also pretty cost effective.

Outdoor Curtains Selection Guide

When it comes to selecting the type of curtains you hang on your porch or deck, the choices are never ending.

You can go soft and billowy – think fancy beach resorts and cozy cabanas. Or you can even go bold with pops of colours – think old school home porches with rocking chairs and a pitcher of iced tea.

You can screen the porch or deck off with clear acrylic panels and add a few curtains on top for a more weather security. Or you could just add sheer 360-degree curtains by using rounded galvanised pipes. Or you could even have curtains ceiling mounted using appropriate hardware.

For fabric choices, you can opt for sheer chiffons or mesh or nets, or PVC or even outdoor bamboo curtains. However, whatever you choose, just remember to pick something that is specially made for the outdoors and is weather resistant. You wouldn’t want to go around changing your curtains every few times it rains, would you?

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