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Add Some Homey Feeling To Your House With Living Room Curtains

Living room curtains play an important role in making your house a home. The living room is, apart from the bedroom, perhaps the most important room of the entire house. It’s the place that gives you that ‘homey’ feeling. It’s where everyone gets together to spend quality time, bond and relax. It’s only right that one pays extra attention to every tiny detail for its décor, including the window treatments.

Often, especially in open plan houses or apartments, the living area is the first thing that anyone sees when they walk into a home. It’s the place that gives the first impression to your guests when they come over. Curtains are a window treatment or a home accessory that when done right, leave a lasting impression.

Curtains can set the mood for your entire house. Depending on the fabric and the design, curtains add a whole new level of class and sophistication to your living room.

Living Room Curtains



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How To Choose The Right Living Room Curtains?

There are numerous options when it comes to decorating the living room space with curtains. There are endless fabric colours, materials, textures, and ultimately curtains styles to choose from. Whatever you pick, however, will reflect the mood and style of the room itself.

Curtains can accentuate the décor of your living room, or appear as seamless extensions of the room itself. They can aid in protecting your privacy and maintaining an air of mysteriousness, or they can help give open and fresh vibes.


Chic, formal or informal, the curtain fabric and textures can change the overall atmosphere of your living room.

  • Cotton sateen or cotton blends, along with tweeds and wools are considered smart and chic.
  • While linen, velvet, silks and blackouts are far suited to formal living areas.
  • Other options include nets and cotton lace, tapestry, muslin and crinkled fabrics.

Curtains can be made of a single material or with a mix of combinations.


There are numerous styles to choose from for living room curtains. Designs and cuts make all the difference.

  • There can be Valances, Swags or even Scarves with tie-backs, or tent-flaps.
  • Hourglass and even overlaps are considered great options for living room curtains.

Curtains can meld in the overall theme of the house décor, or, they can be bold pops of colour that brighten up the room.

  • For a home with dominantly neutral hues, solid colours or tone-on-tone approach to curtains can be considered.
  • If you’d rather opt for a more eclectic look, printed and patterned curtains are the one to choose.

Living Room Curtains Care and Maintenance

Much like most household accessories, curtains also demand a certain level of attention for their longevity. Unkempt curtains can fade, tear or deteriorate when not properly tended to.

Some fabrics and textures that have high maintenance demand as compared to others that are relatively easy to care for.

  • Lightweight materials are the most durable and last the longest, while heavyweight and textured fabrics such as velvets, suede’s and silks need to be looked after the most, requiring regular dusting and dry-cleaning.
  • Cotton sateen, cotton blends, net, lace and silky rayon blends are far easier to take care of. Easily washable at home they require minimal amounts of care.
Custom Vs Ready Made Living Room Curtains

You have two basic choices when picking living room curtains. You can either go the quick route of choosing something ready-made and right off the shelf, or you can have custom designed living room curtains, made specifically to your specifications.

Custom living room curtains are much the same as a perfectly tailored suit. They take into consideration your specific choices, are customised to fit the size and dimensions of your windows as well as offer a vast array of options. Along with these custom options, it comes with a slightly higher price.

Readily available living room curtains are normally cheaper. However, the size of the ready-made curtains may not fit perfectly to your windows. The width of your window and the number of window panels, vary for each HDB room types, condo or landed property.

To be cost effective, there’s a need for mass production. You may have limited choice in terms of designs, colours and fabrics that best suit your window sizes. Also, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the fabrics. Will they lose their colours and become worn and torn in a short amount of time?

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