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Lace Curtains – A Window Covering With Timeless Elegance And Beauty

Lace curtains are made from, of course, lace, but what exactly is it? It is fabric, very light weight and almost sheer, that is manufactured from the consistent twisting, knotting, and looping of delicate threads that are intertwined to create a beautiful pattern.

When you hear the words lace curtains …

  • Are you skeptical of adding lace or net to any of your window treatments for fear of them looking aged and unsightly?
  • Do you think lace curtains are quintessentially OLD and have no place in your contemporary home?

No. Lace has been adopted by the modernistic designers of today and been given the expected twist. No longer is lace primarily floral, invoking a sense of longing, nostalgia and slow times. Lace curtains are now available in an array of contemporary designs that are very well suited to minimalistic homes or offices.

Lace Curtains


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Why Lace Curtains?

Lace curtains, though they may seem as heirloom-inspired, Victorian era pieces, in fact, are very decorative and give an alluring look to any room.

With closed and opened areas in the design patterns, lace curtains gently filter in light but still provide the privacy you expect from lightweight curtains.

Lace curtains are not only very reliable and durable, but they are also incredibly easy to manage. Disassembling, washing, and reassembling lace curtains is a task that is comfortably handled right at home.

Lace Curtains Selection Guide

Lace curtains are available as either handmade or machine made options, though, handmade ones are considerably more expensive.

Traditionally, they are woven from cotton, polyester, linen or rayon. Fine materials such as silks are also used for making lace curtains, but as expected, they are very fancy and have a price tag to match.

There are even different types of lace weaves. They include Madras or Nottingham weaves depending on the looms used for the actual weaving process.

Though lace curtains are available in just about any colour combination you can imagine, they are often preferred in soft tones, pastels, and other various light shades. They can be used as individual window coverings, or as accentuating accomplices of heavier drapes – whatever the case, rest assured, they always have and always will look complementary to an interior décor.

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