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Kitchen Curtains Make Your Cooking Space Look Stylish

Kitchen curtains have long since been the hot topic for debate. Some are completely against it, and some wouldn’t think their kitchens have that final, finished look without them.

Kitchen curtains can make the place look immense while giving it the extra presence it needs. While we agree that fancy swags or valances or flowing draperies are more suited to a formal setting, curtains in the kitchen are available in many different styles and types with various trimmings that you can choose from.

Kitchen Curtains


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Why Kitchen Curtains?

A bare window or stark cheap blinds/curtains in the kitchen can take away from the homely finished look you want in the most important room of the house. While curtains add character to virtually every room they are placed in; kitchens are something special.

The right curtain in your kitchen will make your cooking space look stylish, give you the privacy you need and still filter in natural light.

Curtains lighten up the kitchen but also make it seem a little more welcoming, a bit more inviting.

Kitchen Curtains Selection Guide

The variations to the kitchen curtain theme are never-ending. There are so many options that rushing to the store, to pick the first set of curtains that suits your fancy, is, in our eyes at least, nothing short of a crime.

Depending on the number and style of your kitchen windows, you can go the simple and traditional route by adding white lace curtains for that retro look. Or you can go fancier with bold and bright colours. You can choose between a lightly woven fabrics, draped elegantly over a rod to give a natural, rustic get-up, or a heavier, full-length curtain. You can choose only to cover the top half of the window with valances and window scarves, or just the bottom half to give a more continental feel. Tie in the kitchen with the colours of your dining room to create seamless symmetry, or use an eccentric style such as gathered balloon curtain to make it stand out.

All these styles are pretty much available in whichever fabric or texture you choose. However, just a word of advice before you run off to do a bit of kitchen curtain brainstorming – remember, curtains in the kitchen can get dirty, fast! So, pick a material that is lightweight, durable and easy to maintain and wash. You’ll thank us for that tip one day!

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