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Goblet Pleat Curtains – One Of The Fancier Curtain Heading Styles

Goblet pleat curtains are created by gathering the fabric in evenly spaced pleats held together in a cylindrical shape resembling a cup or goblet.

They have a stiffener, such as a tissue, a piece of foam or cotton wool stuffing, which is sewn right into the heading before the pleats are created, to aid the goblets in maintaining their form and shape.

This type of curtain heading gives a very elegant feel and is perfect for longer length drapes. With a touch of sumptuousness, the goblet pleat curtain headings are often found in grand settings or formal living space and buildings.

Goblet pleat curtains can be hung on either of the two, curtain rods or tracks. Due to the secure stitching and style of manufacture, this particular style is well suited for curtains or drapes made from medium to heavy weight fabrics.

Goblet Pleat Curtains


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