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Protect Your Privacy With High Performance Frosted Window Film

Frosted window films are one of the most common type of window films in demand today. They are used vastly within homes, bathroom cabins, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Frosted window films basically feature patches of distressed vinyl or laminate which obscure vision. The degree of obscurity, as well as the pattern or the extent of the frosting are also variables which the client can look to find alternatives for.

Frosted Window Film Installation

The application process is one that is best carried out by professionals. Frosted window films are applied to the inner sides of windows or glasses and if they are put through excessive external wear and tear, can begin to peel at the corner to rip and then peel from any other place on the sheet.

Frosted Window Films

Types of Frosted Window Films

Frosted window films, moreover, vary in kinds from coloured films, patterned films, vinyl films, clear films, self-adhesive films, non-adhesive films, removable films, and bathroom films. These films vary in terms of their ability to withstand different external factors, for example, the bathroom films are made so as to withstand heat, steam, water, etc.



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Why Frosted Window Film?

Frosted window films add a sense of privacy and thus security and because of the variety of styles available, are also made to suit different aesthetic preferences.

Whether it is simple frosting from the top to the bottom of the glass or various segments or portions of the glass that are frosted in order to form a pattern, they are a great addition to suit your taste and environment best.

Frosted Window Film Care and Maintenance

Since they undergo more wear and tear than other films, especially if they are placed in the bathroom, they must therefore be looked after.

  • The film should not be peeled off, scratched, or scrubbed.
  • They should be cleaned with a soft paper towel and not be cleaned with any blue-coloured cleaners but rather should be cleaned with ammonia-free sprays, foam sprays, or vinegar based cleaners.
  • Right after installation, the film should not be touched for at least a period of 48 hours so as to allow the film to settle against the glass. Any contact with sharp objects may cause the frosting to spoil and must, therefore, be prevented.

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