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Faux Wooden Blinds – For People Who Prefer The Warmth And Earthy Feel

Faux Wooden BlindsFaux wooden blinds are exactly what the name suggests, fake wooden blinds. Manufactured using a synthetic material, often Polyvinyl Chloride.

If you are one of those people who prefer the warmth and earthy feel, then faux wooden blinds are the choice of window treatment for you.

Faux wooden blinds are an excellent addition to your home. They are available in an array of different textures, colour tones, styles and slat sizes.

With faux wooden blinds, you have the option of mounting them either inside or outside the frame depending on your preference. They can also be used in tandem with curtains or draperies for a more formal and extravagant look. Whatever your choice, faux wooden blinds are the great warmer, and cosier feels with a more finished appearance.

They are often used as a replacement for wooden blinds, adding rich textures and beautiful colours to a room.


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Why Faux Wooden Blinds?

If you’ve suddenly become very skeptical of the faux wooden blinds just because we used the word fake, relax, take a minute and read on. Faux wooden blinds are not made of actual real wood, but they offer all the benefits of wooden blinds and so much more.


Made using a synthetic material, these blinds offer a wider array of textures, and colour tones.


With faux wooden blinds, you get the traditional and organic feel you’ve always wanted with the wooden window treatments.


Faux wooden blinds are also completely impervious to sunlight fading, so you can completely stop worrying about possible replacements every few years.


They are lightweight, completely moisture proof, fire resistant, and substantially more economical than real wooden blinds.


You can easily use them in high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchen areas or even window areas that may be closer to the faucet – something that is unthinkable with real wood blinds.

Faux Wooden Blinds Care and Maintenance

As the faux wooden blinds are made from a mix of PVC and wood, they aren’t as susceptible to dirt or mould like the real wood. However, like most household accessories, they do occasionally require a dust-down to remain nice and clean. The good thing about these blinds is that they are easy to care for and require the minimal amount of maintenance.


A good dusting using either a feather duster or a standard vacuum, do the trick and get rid of any accumulated dirt on your blinds.


Be sure to clean both sides of the blinds and aerate the area properly by either opening the window or using a portable fan to ensure that the blinds are completely dry before you pull them open.


Should they require a deeper cleanse, then opt for softly washing the blinds by using a damp washcloth or sponge. Avoid harsh scrubbing or the use of active chemicals on the blinds as they may damage the texture of the blinds itself.

Custom Vs Ready Made Faux Wooden Blinds

At a budget price, stimulating the real wood feel, faux wooden blinds are readily available in the market as a ready-made and ready to install product. Easy to maintain and care for, these blinds are so simple to navigate that you can easily install them as a DIY project.

Just be careful though when picking out the faux wooden blinds at the store. As these blinds are made from a thermoplastic, synthetic material, they are significantly more prone to warping than the real wooden blinds.

Hence, it’s imperative that you invest in high quality custom faux wooden blinds rather than picking the first available ones off the shelves. While custom made jobs are slightly more expensive, they offer the quality, specifications and variety that ready-made ones just do not.

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