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Fabric Curtains – Diverse Range Of Designs, Weaves, Colours, Tones, And Textures

Fabric curtains are, of all the varieties, the easiest to select and install. It is one of the best ways to give your home interior an overhaul without making a hefty investment.

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider fabric curtains as a bit of a quick fix; after all, they glorify the aesthetic appeal of your home in a fraction of the time, effort and money than other window treatments.

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Why Fabric Curtains?

Fabric curtains are the conventional window coverings that not only are extremely economical but also provide the highest level of consumer control.

Fabric curtains give you the privacy you need, along with the aesthetic and comfort benefits as well. Not only is the length and style of fabric curtains readily adjustable to suit your needs, but they are also available in a very diverse range of designs, weaves, colours, tones, and textures.

Fabric is the easiest of all the other materials for curtains.

Fabric Curtains Selection Guide

For fabric curtains, there are plenty of variety for you to choose from. You get to decide the coverage you desire from your window coverings.

Depending on the room space and the size of the windows, the fabric curtains can be simple, stylish, practical, formal or even very grand, to match with your existing home decor.

Depending on the functionality of your fabric curtains, you can choose between lightweight, medium weight or heavy weight materials.

  • Lightweight materials such as silks, lace, muslin, linen, polyester or viscose are best suited for living rooms or open spaces to give an airy, relaxed feel.
  • Medium weight fabrics such as cotton, canvas, brocade or damask add a more distinguished flair to a room and go well with virtually every home décor.
  • Heavier fabrics such as chenille, velvet, tapestry, and jacquard give a formal look to any living space and hence are considered perfect for bedrooms. Not only are they great at blocking out light and enhancing your privacy, but they also add richness in both colour and texture to a room.

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