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Fabric Blinds Are The Most Versatile Way Of Dressing Up Your Windows

Fabric blinds are an excellent choice for any household regardless of the theme of the interior décor.

The regular slats or vanes, often made of plastic or wood, are replaced by fabrics. Available in a huge variety of textures, prints, and colours, fabric blinds are the most versatile way of dressing up your windows.

Fabric Blinds



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Why Fabric Blinds?

Fabric blinds are of great use for indoors. There are two main reasons why the fabric blinds are window treatment of choice of the majority. They include but not limited to:



Fabric blinds are considerably lighter in weight than the other, more famous counterparts.

Their lightness makes them not only easy to operate but also very easy to remove, clean and maintain.


Light & Privacy Control

For homes that require only gentle filtering of light but also value their privacy, fabric blinds are the way to go.

You can always add a blackout liner to your blinds if you prefer effective room darkening.


Aesthetically Impactful

Fabric blinds have great visual appeal. Given the variety of textures and colours, they are a great addition to your home. With fabric blinds you have the option to go as understated as you want or be as bold as you like.

Muted hues and tone on tone fabrics give a neutral feel to your interior, while loud prints or pops of colour add vibrancy to help accentuate the décor of your home.

Fabric Blinds Care and Maintenance

As aesthetically pleasing as fabrics blinds there, their biggest drawback is perhaps cleanliness. Despite one’s best efforts, fabrics blinds have a tendency to get dirty on occasion, so be it the regular dust and dirt accumulation, or an accidental spill or splatter, you will find yourself having to clean your fabric blinds fairly regularly.

While the exact technique to wash fabric blinds largely depends on the type of material used, the textures and most importantly, the level of dirtiness, here are a few general tips to clean them:


Check manufacturer label for wash recommendation, and do a spot check before cleaning altogether.


Wash on the delicate mode in the laundry machine at home with a mild detergent.


After washed and cleaned, maintain the cleanliness of the fabrics blinds to ensure their longevity. Avoid dust and dirt buildup by regular vacuuming using a special upholstery attachment or by dusting with a feather duster.


Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals on fabric blinds; they may cause fading and fraying of the material.


Remove blinds from the window and carefully roll the blind vanes and cover with a gauze towel to protect them during the wash.


Do not tumble dry or wring the blind after wash. Immediately unfold and hang them back and let air dry. Consider attaching small weights to the lower ends of the blinds to help restore original shape.


Always wash new stains as soon as possible. Wet stains are far easier to remove than dried ones.


To extend the overall lifespan of the blinds, consider getting them professionally cleaned at home or the dry cleaners.

Custom Vs Ready Made Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are a convenient window covering option. For homeowners with standard sized windows, ready-made fabric blinds easily available in stores are an economical choice. The colour, fabric and texture variety is endless, the installation relatively easy and the result is simple and sophisticated.

Though if you are slightly picky in your choices, and can afford to be a little extravagant with your window treatments, then consider opting for a custom job for fabric blinds. Instead of the regular fabrics, you can choose from fabrics with particular qualities such as flame resistance, or blackout properties.

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