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Discover Unlimited Decorative Window Film Options

Decorative window films, other than serving the purpose of heat protection, inhibiting through-and-through visibility, and creating a sense of privacy, they are also a great addition to the home or office environment for decorative purposes.

They are primarily made of one of the three materials: vinyl films, frosted films, and transparent films. They come in various colours, designs, and materials.

Decorative Window Films

We offer a wide range of decorative window films which can be installed within the home or office, to enhance the whole look of the place. You would have a wide variety of options to pick from when choosing the decorative film which suits your taste and environment best.



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Decorative Window Film Care and Maintenance

Decorative window films are installed primarily to enhance the visual appeal of a place and it is, therefore, important that their look be maintained.

They should be cleaned regularly, protected from scratches, and checked and touched up by professionals in case of any deformation or spoilage. They are, moreover, subject to wear and tear over time but do not, generally, spoil without any external factors disturbing them.

Specific maintenance and cleaning instructions vary, as each specific material is sensitive to certain chemicals. However, most window films are sensitive to ammonia and have a higher chance of losing colour when brought into contact with ammonia based cleaners.

Custom Vs Ready Made Decorative Window Film

Custom-made decorative window films:
They are made to your specifications, which make it possible for you to decide what specialised design, colour, pattern, or material a decorative film will be made of and will feature. These are slightly more expensive than the ready-made decorative films.

Ready-made decorative window films:
They are made to look like etched glass, frosted, tinted, emblazoned, or painted.

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