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Sleep Better With Beautiful Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are window coverings that are made specifically to block the unwanted light. Often made of a unique fabric, blackout curtains have features and benefits significantly different from the regular ones.

Curtains have become one of the most essential accessories for home decoration. They are as versatile as they are aesthetically valuable. They are, however, so much more useful than we may realise; especially when it comes to a good night’s sleep!

Blackout curtains are used in much the same way as the standard ones. However, these curtains are designed and manufactured in ways that allow the complete blockage of light from any and all external sources.

Blackout Curtains

Either densely woven fabrics that dim light naturally such as suede or velvet, or specially treated fabric, coated with layers of foam to give it the desired opacity are used to make blackout curtains. They are also often layered by draping fabric, but those rarely offer the same results as the coated ones.

Initially available only in the colour black, today room-darkening curtains are available in a variety of colours, both light and dark to suit the aesthetic needs of a wider audience. Which means you can pretty much find blackout curtains in your favourite colour that matches perfectly with your house décor.



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Why Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are commonly used in bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, they are also quite useful in photo laboratories that require pitch darkness, hotel and hospital rooms as well as media rooms or home theatres.

Blackout curtains will enhance your home or workplace in the following ways:


Block Out The Light

Blackout curtains create a completely darkened environment. They will block the sunlight, streetlamp from a room, which create a sleep sanctuary especially for napping young children, shift workers or those with non-traditional sleep schedules.


Noise Reduction

Blackout curtains significantly reduce the noise level. For light sleepers, this particular feature of blackout curtains perhaps affords them the biggest benefit of all. The thick foam coating on best quality blackout curtain fabric helps dampen sounds to a great extent.


Heat Insulation and Temperature Control

Blackout curtains also provide heat insulation. When it gets hot and sunny during those sweltering days, the blackout curtains keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay, keeping your living spaces nice and cool.

They help maintain a controlled temperate environment in your home or workplace.


Energy Conservation

By maintaining even temperature inside the home, blackout curtains help conserve a significant amount of energy, which reduce the need for electrical appliances for temperature control.

By opting for blackout curtains you go green and save energy and benefit from an overall reduced electricity bill.

A win-win situation for the environment and you!

Blackout Curtains Care and Maintenance

Unlike regular curtains, coated blackout curtains often cannot be ironed, bleached or home washed due to the possibility of damage to the foam or synthetic linings. Instead, they should be cared for by soft spot cleaning with a slightly damp cloth or by professional dry cleaning. They can easily be lightly scraped, brushed or vacuumed for the removal of dust, though. Non-coated, velvet or suede blackout curtains, however, can be steamed, or gently washed in a washing machine and tumble dried.

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