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Blackout Blinds – Blockout The Unwanted Light

Blackout BlindsTrue to their name, blackout blinds do exactly that – keep out all the light from a room, any room.

Effectively designed, and made from special materials to achieve their purpose, blackout blinds prevent light from entering or leaving a room giving you the ability to control the light levels in your home.

However, blockage of light is not the only positive aspect of investing in good quality blackout blinds. From noise control to increased energy conservation and more, blackout blinds improve the quality of life and living in a number of ways.

The options available in the market today are absolutely endless. There are so many options that choosing the right type of blinds for your home or office becomes a rather daunting task.


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Why Blackout Blinds?

In order to pick the blinds that suit your every need, it is imperative that you consider the advantages of the particular style you are considering. Keeping that in mind, here we talk about the various advantages of investing in good quality blackout blinds.


Blockage of Light

Blackout blinds create a barrier between the unwanted light filtering through your windows. The blockage of light is extremely beneficial for people who work in light sensitive laboratories, for cinema rooms that require pitch darkness, etc.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of blackout blinds is the significantly improved quality of sleep, perfect for nurseries, for new born babies, or bedrooms of shift workers. Blackout blinds ensure that you have an uninterrupted, peaceful sleep.


Energy Conservation

Blackout blinds are a great addition to any household in any part of the world, they are especially beneficial for those living in tropical and temperate countries. Soaring temperatures on the outside require round-the-clock air conditioning to keep your room cool and habitable.

Blackout blinds block the unwanted UV light rays, greatly reducing the heat index within the room itself. This leads to a cooler inside temperature negating the use for air conditioner, effectively bringing down your energy bills and conserving preciously generated energy.


Auditory Benefits

Blackout blinds have dual auditory benefits. Not only are these blinds are soundproof, they are soundproof in both directions. That is, sounds do not enter nor do they leave a room when insulated with blackout blinds. The lack of proper soundproofing, the city’s hustle bustle leaves you sleep deprived and irritable.



Another plus point of investing in a good pair of blackout blinds is the privacy they afford you. These blinds block outsiders from peering in, makes these blinds particularly well-suited for rooms such as dressing rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Blackout Blinds Care and Maintenance

Blackout blinds are made from specially manufactured, tightly woven, thick materials which block up to 90 percent of the sunlight coming through the windows. These fabrics, such as velvets and linens with blackout linings underneath are easy to maintain and easy to care for. All they require is regular dusting to avoid the growth of unwanted bacteria or mould.

For spot cleaning, mild detergents and soft wash cloths work best. Harsh chemicals and vigorous cleaning methods tend to do more harm than good and can easily discolour and damage your blinds.

Care and maintenance for blackout blinds can vary according to the style of the blinds, especially in unusually shaped windows. For roller blinds a light vacuum over both sides followed by a damp cloth works best. Allow the blind to completely dry before rolling it back into place. Blackout blinds such as blackout vertical ones however, require more extensive cleaning depending on the material used for the blinds.

Custom Vs Ready Made Blackout Blinds

As blackout blinds are becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that they are readily available in stores and online. Affordable and convenient, a lot of people prefer buying their curtains and blinds right off the shelf. However, buying a ready-made product only works well for people who have regular or standard sized windows at home.

Unusually shaped windows, curved or arched, look fantastic and add another dimension to your house. It adds character and originality to a property and can often be the key in making it stand out. As appealing as these windows look, fitting them for blinds in their perfect size is not only a tricky but also an extremely frustrating task. To maintain the beauty of your windows, in all their awkward shape and size, we recommend that you opt for custom made job.

A professionally done custom job will dispel all your worries about ill-fitting blinds that look less than appealing.

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