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Beaded Curtains Look Spectacular In Any Home

Beaded curtains. Not sure what those are but the words make you think along a little retro, somewhat bohemian themes? Well you aren’t far off.

Beaded curtains, or door beads as they’ve previously been known, are curtains made from different forms, types, and sizes of beads. These beads are strung to filaments or cords of varying lengths. A number of these cords, in turn, are hung, side by side, to create a curtain barrier that is then placed as a window or door covering.

Beaded Curtains



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Why Beaded Curtains?

Branded and disregarded as ‘hippie stuff’, beaded curtains have long since been a taboo in a well-to-do household. However, changing times and changing perspectives has done a world of good for beaded curtain reputations and now, they’re literally everywhere.

Not only are these beaded curtains a treat for the eyes, but they’re also quite functional too. So if you’re thinking they serve no purpose and only look cool – though admittedly they look very cool; indeed, you have another think coming!


Apart from functioning as great door and window coverings, beaded curtains are perfect as room dividers.

They can also be used as a barrier for backrooms in small restaurants or store, to create sleeping quarters or even camouflage closets or storage spaces.

You can add these to your bedroom, living room, or even a hallway to break up big spaces.


Easy to install, clean and take down, beaded curtains are super economical and easily affordable too.

Unless of course, you opt for beaded curtains made from precious or semi-precious stones – in that case, it’s a different story altogether.


Also, if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s said that beaded curtains have Feng Shui origins.

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, the soft swaying motions of beaded curtains are soothing for the soul and promote positive vibes. Who knew?!

Beaded Curtains Styles Selection

Beaded curtains look spectacular in any home and come in a wide array of styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colours. While standardised lengths of these fancy curtains are typically 6 feet long, you can always have that changed according to your needs if you get them custom made.

A number of different materials are used to make beaded curtains. The most common ones include plastic, wood, acrylic, bamboo, and of course, glass. Though in rarer circumstances, crystals, shells, dried seeds, ceramics and even gemstones have been used to make these beaded curtains.

Beaded curtains are made in different styles such as gypsy, or modern, chic or romantic, or even industrial. They can also be made to depict different patterns or distinctive designs. If that wasn’t even enough, you could even have portraits made in your bead curtains.

Beaded curtains elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home and highlight your existing décor. Wherever you choose to display a bead curtain, be it as a window treatment or a room divider, you can rest assured it will take your room to a whole new level.

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