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Bamboo Blinds – A Perfect Option For Any Decor

Bamboo blinds are simple, natural, earthy yet elegant. They are a highly cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to other blinds.

They not only controlling light but also help protect your home or office against penetrating heat. You can consider to install the bamboo blinds with liners that would block out more light and offer more privacy.

Bamboo blinds are considered the most logical and practical choice. They are often used as a replacement for wooden venetian blinds, adding rich textures and beautiful colours to a room.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds can be found in a variety of forms. They include but are not limited to:

  • Bamboo horizontal blinds – they are pretty much the same as wooden venetian blinds, in terms of the mechanism.
  • Bamboo vertical blinds – they are made of wide bamboo slats that can be pulled aside with ease.
  • Bamboo blackout blinds – treated with unique backing to prevent light from entering the room. They can be paired with curtains to create a layered finishing, or used on their own to blackout sunlight completely.



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Why Bamboo Blinds?

As they are eco-friendly, they automatically outshine other alternatives. They become the first choice for eco-minded advocate.

They are of great use for indoors and outdoors due to their suitable colour hues and natural feel. They are especially suited for office rooms, where they seem to gel well with the professional atmosphere.

Light & Privacy Control

Bamboo blinds offer light and privacy control functions. You can choose to install the bamboo blinds with liners that would block out more light and offer more privacy.

Aesthetically Impactful

Bamboo blinds are budget-friendly, and are made from natural materials. Beautifully natural colours, giving you all the options to customise your ideal bamboo window coverings, giving your home’s or office’s interior a designer look on a budget.


Bamboo blinds are able to withstand natural wear and tear better than the alternatives, as they are made from an all-natural substance. They are easy to keep clean and maintained as well as being durable. Make these blinds the perfect choice as a long term investment.

Bamboo Blinds Care and Maintenance


Bamboo blinds are easy to manage, although one must be careful so as not to ruin the alignment, leave stains on the slats, or scratch or chip the slats.


They should be dusted regularly with a feather duster or cleaned with a soft brush vacuum cleaner to avoid scratches.


It is important to note that, they change colour and texture over time. However, they will hold colour longer than other kinds of blinds, especially against wear and tear related to the weather and elements.


If the blinds start collecting cobwebs or dirt, they can be washed with hot water, with the mixture of some vinegar or oil soap, so as to not spoil the bamboo.


They should be washed just under ten minutes and should be gently scrubbed so as to prevent scratches.

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