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Aluminium Blinds – Super Long Lasting And Lightweight

Aluminium blinds are perhaps the most underrated of all the options available in the market. Maybe it’s the easy availability combined with their affordability that gives the impression that these blinds are not worth the investment.

We just know that we don’t agree with the general perception of aluminium blinds and we’ve stepped up and jotted down some reasons why aluminium blinds should be in your consideration too. Read on to find out more.

Aluminium Blinds


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Why Aluminium Blinds?

Here we highlight a few of the advantages of aluminium blinds, which include but not limited to:


Daylight and Glare Control

Aluminium blinds are a great addition to any household. They are also very well suited to offices and workspaces for the sole reason that these blinds are great at admitting just the right amount of sunlight.

The range of movements and spacing between the slats or vanes of these aluminium blinds marginally reduces the uncomfortable sun glare.

What’s more is that aluminium blinds are completely non-toxic and harmless, having little to no effect on the quality of air inside your home.



Aluminium is a highly durable metal and lightweight. Aluminium shades can last for a very long time. Flame retardant, these blinds can withstand an entirely crazy amount of wear and tear before they show any signs of damage.

In fact, unlike other materials for blinds such as fabrics, vinyl or even wood, after a certain number of years, the material would fade, crack or peel; Aluminium blinds remain untouched, for an unprecedented amount of time.

As such, these blinds last considerably longer than some of their counterparts available in the stores, making them extremely cost efficient and affordable.

Aluminium Blinds Care and Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of opting for aluminium blinds, apart from their durability, of course, is the ease of care and maintenance of these blinds.

  • Corrosion and dirt resistant, flame retardant, extremely lightweight and durable, aluminium blinds are very easy to clean, care for and maintain.
  • Light dusting or an occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth are more than enough to clean the aluminium blinds.
  • If you feel like there’s a lot of grime collecting on the slats, a proper washing of the blinds won’t do any lasting damage to the blinds either.

As simple as the installation of these blinds is, with a fitted head and bottom rail, these blinds can easily be dismantled and put together again on your own.

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